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What Is Antikpedia ?

Antikpedia is a complete platform consisting of e-commerce, marketplace, auction and e-learning that has been established since June 11, 2019.
Antikpedia was founded to make it easier for collectors to find antiques easily.
Currently, Antikpedia has pre-launched on August 17, 2021. During this pre-launch period, Antikpedia will provide an NFT Special Edition, that making Antikpedia the only Indonesian start-up that has an NFT special edition.
In addition, Antikpedia also uses tokenization under the name YAN (Yocorp Antikpedia). This YAN token has many advantages if you have it. please look section below

What Benefit Fund Us ?


Everyone who has made a donation fundraising at Antikpedia is entitled to get a free token (YAN), as an investment asset when it is registered on the market exchange the investment value will double and very profitable

Voucher Discount

YAN tokens that you have can also be used as discount vouchers if you want to use them on Antikpedia e-commerce

Share Posting On Social Media

Share Antikpedia donation fundraising posts on instagram, telegram, facebook, linkedIn, tiktok, whatsapp). and Include screenshot evidence that you have shared the post, then you will get free 25 tokens/share in each social media.

Use of Defi Technology

YAN tokens that you already have can be used for various purposes such as flash loans, deposits, borrows, repays, redeems, swaps in the future

Introduce NFT

NFT or Non-Fungible Token is a crypto technology such as a digital certificate that certifies the party who owns the photo, video, or other virtual form. Assets with NFT will be recorded on a blockchain, a kind of digital “ledger” similar to the network that supports Ethereum, Matic Polygon, and other crypto-asset currencies.

Burns Tokens (YAN)

The Function of token : 

  1. Services : Voucher Additional Discount
  2. Utilities : Flash loans, Deposit, Borrow, Repay, Redeem, Swap in the future
  3. Invesment : Token Value (YAN) as an investment asset when it is registered on the market exchange the investment value (Capital Gain)

3 Ways to get free token



You can also donate under 500,000 by:

  • first, please click this (antikpedia crowdfunding)
  • Enter a donation under 500,000 beside the fund donation button
  • then click fund donation 
  • fill the billing details form and choose one of the method payment
  • click submit funding button.


Get :

  • 6.670 Token (YAN)
  • Normal Price : RP. 1.000.000
  • Discount Price : RP. 500.000 (Disc 50%)

Senior Participant

Get :

  • 40.000 Token YAN
  • Normal Price : RP. 6.000.000
  • Sale Price : RP. 3.000.000 (Disc 50%)
  • 1 NFT Special Edition (R)
  • Free Bonus 1.250 Tokens Every Month For 1 Years


Get :

  • 84.000 Token YAN
  • Normal Price : RP. 12.500.000
  • Sale Price : RP. 6.250.000 (Disc 50%)
  • 2 NFT Special Edition (R)
  • Free Bonus 2.500 Tokens Every Month For 1 Years

VIP Member

Get :

  • 167.000 Token YAN
  • Normal Price : RP. 25.000.000
  • Sale Price : RP. 12.500.000 (Disc 50%)
  • 2 NFT Special Limited Edition (RRR)
  • Free Bonus 5.000 Tokens Every Month For 1 Years


Get :

  • 334.000 Token YAN
  • Normal Price : RP. 50.000.000
  • Sale Price : RP. 25.000.000 (Disc 50%)
  • 5 NFT Special Edition (R)
  • Free Bonus 10.000 Tokens Every Month For 1 Years

Business Executive

Get  :

  • 667.000 Token (YAN)
  • Normal Price : RP. 100.000.000
  • Sale Price : RP. 50.000.000 (Disc 50%)
  •  5 NFT Special Limited Edition (RRR)
  • Free Bonus 20.000 Tokens Every Month For 2 Years


Get  :

  • 1.334.000 Token (YAN)
  • Normal Price : RP. 200.000.000
  • Sale Price : RP. 100.000.000 (Disc 50%)
  • 7 NFT Super Rare  Limited Edition (RRRRR)
  • Free Bonus 40.000 Tokens Every Month For 3 Years

Benefit Share Posting

Get Total 100 tokens for free 

  1. Subcribe our account
  2. Like new videos
  1. Follow & like FB pages
  2. Share new post
  1. Follow account
  2. Share new post / Story
  1. Follow account
  2. Like one of our tiktok videos

Upload Video

Get 1000 tokens for free 

if your video is chosen by us, your video will be uploaded on with the following conditions :

  1. Video Duration : 3 – 5 Minutes
  2. Themes : antiques, classic

you will get 1000 free tokens from Antikpedia that will be sent to your digital wallet (recommendation : metamask BSC/BNB Address)

Example NFT

Grade (R)

Grade (RRR)

Grade (RRRRR)

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